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Virtual medical assistant for healthcare business process outsourcing Virtual Medical Virtual assistants improve your business,
Hire your virtual assistant and start delegating
Pakistan extended outsourced teams for US healthcare Business Extended FTE teams
in Pakistan & US
Technology Stack
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The Goal of Future

We struggle to furnish every customer with uniquely crafted BPO benefits explicitly intended for their necessities and prerequisites, while maintaining a standard of excellence in all service areas.


Stop worrying over routine tasks and focus on your business core competencies instead by taking advantage of our following BPO services
Software & App Development

Delivering advanced and state-of-the-art software solutions to our clients around the world is our passion.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Our 247 RCM Services from charge capturing to collection are unmatchable

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Medical Coding (CPC)

Use our Certified Coders to make sure the correct coding initiatives have been taken

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Medical Assistant / Back Office Support

Hire a physician for your daily back office work and work directly with them for boosting the productivity of on-shore staff.

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Call Center (IB/OB)

Prima Call Center services combine cost reduction and process improvement with excellent customer service, quality assurance and highly trained employees.

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Accounting and Finance

To become the center of analytical industry in future, businesses must earn this position with help of automation and digitalization of business processes.

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