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Outsourcing Process

Why Use Prima Systems Outsourcing Solutions

Prima systems  solution can 10x your business’s sustainable growth by giving you more control over whom to hire, and cutting down operational costs required for scaling up by 70%

Outsourcing Global Healthcare

The global healthcare sector is evolving rapidly in information technology, Business intelligence, and financial forecasting (capital health) by adopting the latest tools and technologies. All of this has made the healthcare sector less flexible to serve its clients, patients, and partners’ diverse needs and requirements. As a result, they are finding it difficult to grow by focusing on what made them scale up in the first phase. This is where they can make a sound decision by collaborating with an outsourced solutions provider for the healthcare industry like Prima Systems.

How Prima can benefit you

Prima Systems focuses on providing sustainable solutions to the healthcare sector.
Our company’s purpose is to speed up your business growth by managing skillful talent shortage and operational costs as low as 70%.
We are also ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management) certified, so you can assure that we take global compliance on information and data security seriously and our certification reflects it.
You can leverage our FTE teams and outsourced services to increase your profits, scalability, and sustainability.

Reduce Labor costs

Labor costs in running day-to-day operations can be daunting for medium to large-scale health enterprises.

It can slow down their growth trajectory and can lead to lower productivity.

However, outsourcing their operational tasks can lead to a 34% rise in productivity and a 70% decrease in c apital expenses.

There can be other reasons like talent access, but the Deloitte study shows that Cost is the number one factor here, that most companies choose to outsource

Increase Business Efficiency

As more healthcare businesses shift their focus toward remote hiring, due to lack of sufficient infrastructure, they are facing difficulties in maintaining work standards.

Data shows that many of organizations are facing difficulty in retaining and hiring top talent, and healthcare sector is not alone in that shift

This problem can be solved by collaborating with Prima systems FTE teams.

This can give you space to focus on tasks that can bring more value and thus revenue to your organization

Sustainable Business Operations

As the healthcare business, grow over time, so does the cost of keeping it sustainable increases.

From the hiring process to maintaining large databases, to responding to patients’ queries and maintaining brand repute is becoming increasingly daunting and costly.

This problem can be resolved by outsourcing your business.

This does not only cut down costs but also makes your business more sustainable, by focusing on tasks that can keep you sustainable overall.

This is the reason most businesses are outsourcing it to other businesses in the US

How you can outsource business process?

Prima Systems 4-step process can allow you to transition seamlessly and efficiently from onshore to offshore teams Hiring offshore teams remotely can be a time-consuming and challenging process It may require additional capital to cover remote teams training, KPIs management, and productivity level checking. Instead of decreasing prices in employment, staffing, and training, this increases costs. The solution to this problem is our company’s 4-step offshoring process which not only cuts down the operational cost(s) of employment but also increases overall operational efficiency

Prima Systems Offshoring Process

Establish Contact

Through an e-mail exchange, our sales team establishes communication links to understand your pain point and requirements

Analyzing Requirements

We conduct online meetings to understand what qualifications and experience you are looking for in an offshore team, IT systems, and infrastructure proficiency.


After analyzing unique requirements, and understanding the goals of a company, the next stage is the contract signing

Project Initiation & Go Live

Your business can achieve sustainable growth which can allow you to scale faster than your competitors.