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Virtual Medical Assistant

With the fast development of advances and applications in medical services, it will get simpler to make computerized resources and assemble computerized information. However, the challenge will be the means by which to unite different information from numerous frameworks to deliver evidence-based, noteworthy experiences about people and populaces and to empower quick development. Prima Systems is assisting the medical industry to better manage this digital medical transformation.

Prima Virtual Medical Assistance

At Prima Systems, we redefine excellence in healthcare support through our cutting-edge virtual medical assistant services. Our remote assistants are dedicated to providing seamless administrative, clerical, and clinical support to healthcare professionals, doctors’ offices, hospitals, and various medical facilities.

Prima Systems drives associated care by empowering clients to work together between clinics, centers, pharmacies and general specialists to help improve the accuracy and nature of patient consideration. Prima Systems offers consultative types of assistance to assist you with exploring the changes, difficulties and openings associations face in an ever-changing medical services condition.

What VMA can do For ME?


  • Attend phone calls
  • Email management
  • Schedule management
  • Updating EMR
  • Back office support
  • Eligibility verification

Save Time and Money


  • See more patients
  • More hours in a day
  • No office setup required
  • availability
  • Greater flexibility
  • No workplace gossip

Administrative Support:

  • Efficiently schedule appointments and manage calendars
  • Handle phone calls and respond to emails promptly
  • Manage medical records and documentation with precision
  • Provide billing and coding assistance for a streamlined financial workflow

Clinical Support (if qualified)

  • Offer expert guidance in basic patient care
  • Assist with telemedicine appointments for convenient healthcare access
  • Manage prescription refills and handle medication inquiries with expertise

Technology Utilization

  • Utilize specialized medical software and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems
  • Facilitate virtual communication between healthcare providers and patients
  • Ensure strict compliance with healthcare regulations, safeguarding patient data and confidentiality

Customer Service and Patient Support

  • Skillfully handle patient inquiries, providing accurate information and unwavering support
  • Maintain high levels of patient satisfaction and proactively manage concerns or feedback

Flexible Engagement Options

Our virtual medical assistant services are available on a contract basis, through specific service packages, or as part of larger healthcare support organizations. At Prima Systems, we are committed to enhancing your medical practice’s performance and ensuring optimal patient care

Our Trained Professionals

Our virtual medical assistants undergo rigorous training and are well-versed in healthcare practices, HIPAA regulations, and hold relevant qualifications or certifications for clinical tasks.

Connect with Us

Businesses or healthcare professionals seeking unparalleled virtual assistant services can confidently engage with Prima Systems. We specialize in providing tailored solutions for the medical field, ensuring expertise and experience in healthcare administration.
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