Prima Systems

BPO healthcare solutions for Hospitals, clinics, and medical practitioners. We provide outsourcing solutions ranging from marketing, RCM, virtual medical assistant, software development, etc you focus on one thing—scaling 10x your healthcare business/practice

Grow your Revenue and
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Innovative Software Development

We can assist customers to build Innovative, mission critical and complex enterprise level applications which accomplish business requirements and introduce personalized process innovations to market.

Custom Software Development

Prima Custom Software Development

Mobile App Development


Outsourcing Organization

Outsourcing Organization

HIPAA Compliant RCM Solution


Physician Credentialing & Biling

Revenue Cycle Management

Why Prima Systems RCM?


Revenue Cycle Management

Prima Systems Revenue Cycle management empowers you to earn every single dollar for each visit. We redefine the status of the medical billing industry by offering seamless technology and integrated workflows, Let’s get your net patient revenue increase by leaving billing to the experts at Prima Systems.

Digital Marketing Services Provider

Digital Marketing is changing the way we do business and, in some cases, creating completely new business classes. With the digital marketing companies are taking a step back and redefining everything they do, from internal systems to customer interaction both online and in person.

Digital Marketing Operations Support

UI/UX Design


What Prima VMA can do for you?


Save Time & Money with VMA


Virtual Medical Assistant Services

With the fast development of advances and applications in medical services, it will get simpler to make computerized resources and assemble computerized information. However, the challenge will be the means by which to unite different information from numerous frameworks to deliver evidence-based, noteworthy experiences about people and populaces and to empower quick development. Prima is assisting the medical industry to better manage this digital medical transformation.

Call Center IB/OB

Prima Systems has worked for a long time as a call center support supplier with a huge array of industries, going from hospital to nursing stations to medical care, so it is best prepared to take your business to the next level. Our call center uphold goes about as a consistent expansion of your business, adopting your brand voice and introducing a reliable brand picture.

Inbound Call Services

prima systems call center

Outbound Call Services


E-mail Outreach


Prima Financial Services

Accounting Administrations


Finance & Accounting Services

Need assistance upgrading your accounting cycles to build productivity and improve accuracy while limiting immediate and overhead costs identified with dealing with an in-house accounting division? Prima Systems longstanding accounting experience, customized accounting arrangements and a set up notoriety for brilliant assistance quality, we can assist you with accomplishing these objectives.

Data Modelling & Analytics

Prima Systems data engineers provide more than just business analytical insights. At Prima, our developers, and engineers provide complete data modeling and business Intelligence solutions that are according to standards, updated tools, and best practices.

Covert & Go Live

Data Visualization and Analytics Support

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