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Data Modelling & Analytics

Prima Systems’ data engineers provide more than just business analytical insights. At Prima, our developers, and engineers provide complete data modeling and business Intelligence solutions that are according to standards, updated tools, and best practices.

Better Analytics – Better solutions – Better Business Decisions

Prima Systems has helped healthcare organizations make better business decisions by enabling our clients to understand market trends, patients’ behavioral data, and the latest statistics in custom analytical Business intelligence dashboards.

Convert & Go Live

Prima Systems data engineers can seamlessly convert technical, social, and financial data from one data pipeline to another. This enables your business to transition its data according to changing market trends and consumer behavior without hassle. At Prima Systems, we also identify key entities and the relationship between these entities. These relationships are mapped into different data pipelines, which will be according to clients’ diverse goals.

Data Visualization & Analytics

Our Data Analysts can create key performance indicators based on clients’
objectives and goals so they can take efficient business decisions to improve the organization’s overall position. We even go one-mile extra, by preparing custom reports, so that take better decisions to scale their organization by 10X.
We use various tools for this like

  • Microsoft Power BI for Custom Analytical Dashboard creation
  • Salesforce Tableau and Dundas BI for Data Analytics
  • Azure Data Factory for Semantic Data Models.